A Fan's Perspective

This book will take you on a life long journey of fun, change, and courage. We explore truth and love while we share with you a true fan’s perspective of what it was like to follow Donny and Marie Osmond throughout the years. We see them develop, grow and evolve into the artists they are today. As teen idols, Donny and Marie Osmond have been striving to push the thresholds and move boundaries of the society. Were they successful at doing it? As highly forward-thinking, professional and committed group, they have always remained firmly committed to their mission of moving the threshold of what is perceived as “possible” and challenged the conventions related to culture, music and conventional thinking of that time.

About the Authors

Steve and Dawn Staton grew up in Michigan. Through life's twists and turns they ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along their journey, they enjoyed a relationship with Donny and Marie Osmond that is shared through this book. We are hopeful that you will laugh, cry, smile, and have a positive experience as we share our journey with you.

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